kleo phia

10245 friedrichshain


Email: kleo.kreitz@gmail.com
Website: www.kleokreitz.com

berlin based artist using all sorts of media to create a diverse range of art such as paintings, installations, augmented exhibitions and digital games.


kleo phia kreitz

artist, game designer, curator

part of art collective ecke & kante

assistant of creative coder steffen klaue

aspiring art therapist and lecturer

purchase work and business inquiries

giving the fact that I wont be in my studio until 10.10.2020, already existing paintings and sculptures can’t be sold nor shipped in a fixed time period. commissions are still possible but limited to digital paintings also until mid october. for more information, help, pricing or to just say „hi“ click on contact and send me a request! love !


graduated make up artist and former assistant of the founder of die maske akademie (2014)

bachelor in game design and concepting (2018)

master in art therapy (2021)

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