The Events at Mr. Yamamotos Alpine Residence

“While killing time at her acquaintance’s vacation house a young woman receives a mysterious package lacking sender and recipient. After injuring herself in a solitary tennis match she unwraps the little cube and triggers a trap mechanism that eventually overpowers and abducts her. She enters a retro-futuristic command center where the operators seem to be expecting somebody else.”

Italy / Germany

Production design by Dario Mendez Acosta, photographed by Paul Faltz, original music by Simon Waskow, sound design by Henning Hein, an Academy of Media Arts Cologne production, directed by Tilman Singer.  


Digital Connection

In a near future where digital avatars of the dead are created in Virtual Reality, a father cannot cope with the loss of his son.

He frequently visits him in Virtual Reality.

Berlin / Germany

Directed by Tarek Shayne Tabet starring Ceci Chuh, Dennis Hofmeister, Götz Schulte 


Into the Clouds

Shortfilm about two drug addicted lovers who escape into an alternate reality to forget their everyday life.


Death by Plastic (I)

A young woman mysteriously finds herself in front of a wall of plastic.

She playfully interacts with the fluttering sheets.

They gradually surround her and attempt to asphyxiate, and kill her. She frantically tries to break away.

Directed by Tarek Shayne Tabet 


Zugezogen Maskulin – Was Für Eine Zeit

Music Video.

Album: Alle Gegen Alle.

Directed by Silkersoft

die bscheaffenheit der dinge

The Nature Of Things

Cologne / Germany

Directed by Michel Dulisch, starring Constantin Hochkeppel, Stefan Lempadius, Jonas Eckert and Bacon Rosengarth


Music Videos for Royal Republic

– Like A Lover

– Boomerang

– Anna Leigh

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Apocalyptica feat. Joakim Brodén – Live Or Die

Directed by Ville Juurikkala

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Matteo Luis – We Found Love

Directed by Nils Vom Lande